My blood is boiling. I’ve been heating up over time.. I’m far left, and I know being on the far end of the spectrum has it’s own ignorance and biases. That doesn’t stop my from being furious over the recent […]


I had a real nasty lady come through my lane of check out today. She was angry about the people before her having food stamps. She ranted the entire time I was scanning about how they had dreads, probably a […]


We’re ready for the trip of our lives. My sister, friend Emily, and I just arrived at the new high tech airport in Atlanta, and are kissing our lovers one last time before our departure. Mine, he says I need […]


Last night, I had a very powerful dream. The kind that leave you balling your eyes out even after you wake up. I’ve been awake a good 5 minutes now and am still wiping tears and blowing my nose. It […]


This is my favorite ‘healthy’ food. It’s very versatile, and can easy vary between very healthy, or.. not. The way I’m making it is pretty healthy – ¬†ground turkey, and a fairly low sodium cheese cheese – Kroger Mozzarella. The […]


The other night, I was down at the docks, thinking of someone I had just seen – you know the kind- tall, handsome and in-shape? way out of my league as per usual. I tend to think of these guys […]


Anymore lately I’m beginning to think that I’m not compatible with my family in the way we think. I feel that logic just doesn’t reach them somehow… Maybe it’s me. I don’t know. I can’t seem to grasp the idea […]


Ok, so I know these aren’t really hacks, but it’s the most accurate category- Easy Access Controls: If you want to turn on/off the¬†WiFi/Bluetooth, Sync, GPS, and Auto-Dim, you can put a widget on your screen. To do this, open […]

Piedmont College Study Abroad

This May I went on a ‘Maymester’ Study Abroad trip through Piedmont College to Spain, and I must say, it really was an experience of a lifetime, and I’d like to share some of my photos and experiences. Before I […]


You may have heard of Apple’s FaceTime as Apple’s idea of video calling, but if you don’t have an iPhone, you cant use that, so today’s tip is how to make video calls on Android (and I would add Windows […]